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About Privatix

Privatix was founded by experienced IT-entrepreneurs and talented developers who are passionate about the freedom of the Internet, online security, and privacy protection.

Our team is trying to create the most reliable and easy-to-use VPN service in the world that can be used for free by anyone anywhere, no matter their technical experience.

Privatix enables users to browse the web privately, securely and freely, making the Internet free again, with no limitation and restrictions.

We promise:

  • Privatix will always provide a free service on the highest and best-effort speed available
  • Privatix does not store your data and does not monitor who you are or what you’re doing online
  • Privatix does not sell or provide any personal data to third parties
  • At Privatix you are not a product, we do not use you as an access point,peer, exit node or botnet
  • Privatix income comes from its Premium users, who want more locations and higher speed
  • Privatix can provide access for any qualified tech-expert to check our code

How do we make money?

  • Privatix offers free services but with limited locations and best-effort speed (free-slot basis)
  • Privatix will not compromise any of our users’ privacy and security, whether they pay or not
  • Privatix provides Premium service that is financing our operation and support our free users
  • Privatix Premium service offers more locations, higher speed and features and all this at the sandwich price!